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Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey fraught with lots of ups and downs; we ensure we are always there to support the entrepreneur at all times. Our process starts with our vetting process where we ensure there is a business plan in place, which has key ingredients to make it a successful venture. We have various programs to support ideas right from early stage to revenue positive stage.

Key Elements of our Incubation process:

  • Rigorous selection process.
  • Reviewing business metrics on a regular basis.
  • Providing right mentor connect.
  • Connecting investors based on funding needs.

Seed Funding

The era is gone where some smart entrepreneurs could raise fund based on just an idea and a deck. Today investors look for evidence of viability of the idea, hence one needs to have market validation of the idea with a MVP (minimal viable product), before even approaching any investor. This is where Seed fund becomes critical to help the start-ups, to create an MVP or do market validation of the product idea. We provide seed fund for prototyping, facilitate market launch or to expand the user base.
The seed fund is provided under various program schemes based on the current need in form of grant, debt, convertible debt and equity.


Mentorship is a crucial link between the start-up and the business success. A start-up requires mentorship and advice at various stages of its growth. We ensure that the entrepreneurs are provided with the right mentor connect based on their needs. Our portfolio managers work closely with the mentors and the founders to make sure that the mentoring time is spent effectively and the start-ups do get benefitted. We have some core mentors but we also bring in mentors from outside the pool to make sure that the right expertise is available to our companies.

Investor Connect

The incubation center works closely with the start-ups to make them pitch worthy to potential investors. We ensure that the start-ups have a refined business plan which could entice investors to take a serious look at their business proposition. We are constantly engaged with the investor community comprising of Angel network, institutional investors and IIT-K alumni who are keen to invest in promising start-ups.


Incubation center offers not only a fully furnished, air-conditioned incubation space with all the necessary amenities and a residential unit for startups but also a common pool of soft and hard infrastructure to be shared by all incubatee companies. Some of the salient features of the common facilities are

  • Furnished office
  • 24x7 power
  • Internet connectivity
  • Shared printers/Scanner and other office productivity tools
  • Access to 5000$ worth of free credit access to AWS
  • 24x7 power
  • Conference Rooms

Lab Facilities

Being a technology institution, it is not surprising that IIT-K has provided dedicated lab facilities for start-ups to realize their prototypes right here.
Some of the lab facilities are summarized below:

Tinkering Lab

The Tinkering Laboratory is a platform for creative minds to come out of their ‘Think Space’ to hands-on ‘Tinker Space’, so as to transform their ideas into real-time engineering objects, and eventually to products and patents. The lab is accessible to start-up entrepreneurs to test, validate and prototype their ideas into new products and services, specifically in the areas of advanced technology domain.

Motwani Ideation Accelerator

Motwani Ideation Accelerator is a soft facility in the domain of embedded systems, platforms, algorithms and IT related ideas.

4i Lab

The lab is a central facility for concept design and product realization. The processes of design, simulation and manufacturing are integrated in a digital environment. The 4i lab houses state of the art CAD and CAM tools with latest capabilities in shape aquisition, modeling and prototyping.

  • CAD Facilities
  • 3-Axis CNC Milling Centre
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • CTX GILDMEISTER Turning Center
  • Laser Jet Machine
  • EPILOG CO2 Pulse Laser
  • Fused Deposition Modelling System
  • CNC Lathe
  • 3D LASER Scanner
  • PICZA 3D LASER Scanner LPX-600
  • Sheet Metel folder

BIRAC Bio-Incubator Lab

The Bio-Incubator Lab is one of the best in class facilities in the country which is built with support from BIRAC.
It has the following facilities:

  • Analytical Lab.
  • DSP Lab.
  • Microbial Lab.
  • Utility Lab.
  • Clean room.
  • Cell Culture Lab.