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Current Incubatees

INVENT-Social Venture Enterprises

Company Area Summary
Agpulse Agro Deals in the product which are organic in nature and organic/natural farming
AgroNext Services Agro Provides Crop related consulting to farmers and also sell right agro products to farmers
Decentrik Technologies Water Management Water ATM with inbuilt purification, chilling and dispensing facility for evolving Road Side Smart Public Drinking System
DELMOS Research Dairy Manufacturer of Advanced & Easy to Use Reagent Strips for Detection of Adulteration in Milk
Deoria Design Livelihood Deoria Design offers fashionable accessories handcrafted by women from tiny village of Suroli, distt-Deoria, UP
Healted Healthcare Addresses the gap in availability and accessibility to ethical super specialist opinion in India via online platform
Ignis Careers Education Provides training in core Life Skills and functional English to the affordable Private Schools(APS) segment stucents
Aquvio Manufacturing Provides Cost and Energy saving Reverse Osmosis based water purifier by minimizing the waste-water generated
Incredible Devices Healthcare Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS, PatentApplied) is an automatic angiography and angioplasty catheter cleaning machine which is developed to use at Hospitals
KrishiHub Agro Provides demand driven online platform to farmers to enable them to sell their farm produce to different businesses like hotels/stores/vendors/institutes in the cities etc.
NatureAlms Agro Manufactures cow urine and dung based products at primary stage such as herbal phenyls, mosquito repellents and organic insect controllers
Oxen Farm Agro Oxen offers innovative enabling technology solutions to farmers, the turban guys and everyone in between
Promorph Solutions Software The product EMPOWERU is an analytical tool for Government Schools Monitoring, Higher Education Institute Governance & Educational Quality Monitoring
PROSOC Innovators Manufacturing DESKIT: School bag convertible into study table and News Paper Carry bag Making Machine in the process of developing products to impact the society
Eezy Naukari Software A tech-enabled platform with an aim to revolutionize India�s recruitment process for the unorganized and entry level jobs
Sirimiri GooodSight Healthcare A social initiative to enhance eye care in under served regions-rural and urban slums, by providing comprehensive eye care in remote areas through branded vision centers
SkillMap Livelihood SkillMap provides solution to identify employable candidates from Tier-2/3 cities using remote assessment on mobile and connect them to relevant companies
Socent Ventures Livelihood A social enterprise for people with disabilities specifically in rural areas to enable them livelihood through franchise based FMCH outlets of Socents
Taank Brothers Agro Breeds the famous Kadknath black chicken partnering with Tribals in MP and supplies them to cities
Tattva Hical Agro Working in the production of granulated lime that increases yield and productivity of the crops beyond fertilizers
Villamart Livelihood Created a physical market place (both mobile and static) for rural people to Buy & Sale local produce, minimizes post-harvest loss through their solar enabled low cost cold store at the farm place

Technology Companies

Company Area Summary
Airshed Planning Consultancy Environmental Consulting Services and manufacture of Air quality measuring, monitoring and Analyzer instruments
Campus Haat Software An online all-in-one hyperlocal platform for campus communities aimed to reduce the daily hassles of its residents
Cenogen Materials Fabrication Fabrication of High Energy Dual Drive Planetary Mills Producing Nano grain sized Carbides, Oxides & Bio Materials
Cloudshell Software Cloud Data Management Solution, VPS Services for Academia, enterprises with embedded big data analyticstools
GitiTech Technology To design , manufacture and commercialize optical lenses, smart phone based microscope, Dentoscope, Darmatoscope and reusable adhesive material
Greengine Consultancy An environmental services and product company to provide end to end solutions for water and wastewater treatment industry and focus development and commercialization of algae based CO2 sequestration systems
Kanopy Techno Manufacturing Affordable solutions in electro-chemical instrumentation
Kritsnam Manufacturing Real time monitoring of hydrological, geological and environmental Phenomena using the technology of Internet for efficient water resource management
McGeeks Consultancy Provides customized products, services and designs in the field of engineering
Naturesense Manufacturing Design and development of Ultra low cost air sampling instruments
Nocca Robotics Manufacturing Water-less PV Solar Panel Cleaning robot
NURBS 3D Software services 3D Visualization (in the form of Image or Video) for various Industries, Simulation & Animated Program for educational & research purpose
Offgrid Energy Energy Energy storage systems, for electric two wheelers, driving disruptive impact through technology on the Electric Vehicle ecosystem
Taral Engineering Manufacturing SandFix: separates sand &grit particlesuptonano particles size distribution with high efficiency

Bio-technology Companies

Company Area Summary
Adhita Biosciences Agro Development of agro-climatic zone specific custom made bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizer
APCEGEN Healthcare Developing human therapeutics, with a blend of advances in molecular biology & cell engineering, to combat diseases like Arthritis and Cancer
Arogyam Medisoft Healthcare An IOT enabled , portable point of care device, examine blood and urine samples for markets in rural and small towns
Binventor Labs Personl Care Silk based personal care products such as sun screen, hair serum, body cleansing powder and night cream
EG Bio Agro Easy and Economic availability of quality planting and scientific tools for Smart Agriculture
GodHead Manufacturing Production of FutraFizz, an energy drink based on cucumber water and chemical additives free
HelpUsGreen Waste Management Manufactures floral temple-waste based biodegradable alternate to Styrofoam, plant fertilizer, charcoal-free incense & soap
Microbial Solutions Agro Develops bio-fertilizer based fertilizer which is soil friendly and increases the yield
Sandhya Personal Care Develops herbal products with innovative technology and noble formula, without chemicals, using herbs as preservatives
XGro Agro Develops vertical farming based solutions for providing grass based fodder for dairy segment and increases the yield by almost 15%
E-Spin Manufacturing Biotechnology (scaffold, tissues, band aid),Filters (Air filters, Water filters, Oil filters), Synthesis of nano-materials, Electronic devices, Composite materials

Graduate Companies

Company Summary
4 Front Analytics Forecasting, Marketing Intelligence Tool, Customer profitability tool, Sales & Operations Planning, Distribution and customer service.
Aarav Unmanned Systems Generation of 2D orthomosaic and map tiles.
Aarsh Management A complete suite of Risk Management Solutions for Banking and Financial Services sector.
Adya Systems Work areas include all of mobile wireless technologies, embedded software, and protocol stacks.
Adwik Mobility Solutions Designing and development of integration in vehicles/locomotives/marine engines/hybrid vehicles apart from microprocessor based systems for different mobility applications.
Aniketana Ecosystem Design & Manufacture of Educational toys, puzzles & Games.
Arnium Technologies E-Governance Portals.
Aurora Integrated Systems Aurora Integrated Systems is the lead system integrator in India, offering field-tested UAS technology.
Autobirdz Drone & UAV for Commercial Application
Base9 Webservices and Entertainment Customize internet & intranet based softwares.
Bhramm Technologies Animation Games & Computer Simulation Software.
Caterpillar Labs Consumer Internet Space.
Curadev Pharma It focuses on the creation and licensing of pre-IND assets and IND packages for clinical development.
E.I. Devices Software Solutions ES MailBox for a simplified work life ; HTML Email on BlackBerry ; Device-based in-Line SpellCheck Services ;Custom BlackBerry Development..
GenPro Therapteutix Development of Novel Molecular & Cellular approached for the management of disease using a variety of molecular and biomedical tools.
Geokno India Innovative, path-breaking solutions and services in Geospatial Technology. Particularly Terrestrial Laser scanning, Airborne LiDAR, 3D modelling and WebGIS.
GT Silicon Saleable products around indigenous MEMs and Micro & Nano technologies.
Handshake Infotech The Company is developing Customized Dental implants on CNC having accurate dimensions.
Heavy Electro Works Medical innovation in Prosthetics & Orthopedics.
Hexolabs Media and Technology Products: Mobile Antakshari, Star Talk, TikTalk and Services: SMS & Voice Campaign and IVR Solutions.
IAITO Infotech AITO provides state-of-the-art tracking and locating solutions for Embedded systems as well as advanced applied Radio Frequency Identification systems..
Identronics Solutions Operating System for Smart Card SCOSTA –CL - OS for the Smart card for transport application encryption algorithm and Compatible with ISO 7816 & 14443 Standards.
INGEN Technologies Hail Guns, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), Upgraded Automatic Weather Stations, Touch screen based mobile phones with advanced content.
Innosium Technologies Giant Virtual Piano. Next Generation Kiosk “Zero Energy InnoBoard : A talking Board”Dynamic Interactive Application. Inno 2PiBox-3D HoloProjection, VR interactivity and many more.
Innovative Embedded Systems Innovative Embedded Systems provides full service for hardware and firmware design and prototyping for micro controller and embedded systems.
Innoverve Inventions Intensive field of plant and machine tool automation.
Irene Nanocore Solutions Nanocoatings for biomedical devices. Nanocomposites for drug delivery sustained drug release Nanofibers and thin films for opto electronic applications.
Kaleidoscope Control Robotics The Company aims to provide sophisticated high technology products such as wireless networked sensors, DSP based control equipment, robots etc. to the industry.
Messiah Labs Pvt. Ltd. Messiah Labs is a new generation e-Business solutions company that develops robust web solutions that transform businesses and emerging companies.
Multifacet Software Systems Library Automation Software
Objectify Technologies 3D Printing, Additive manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping CNC, CMM.
OpenLearning Technologies Online platform for open learning.
Priority Softech Web-Application/Solutions for cutemized ERP Solutions
PV Urja Solar Panel Stores & Solutions.
Rotavio Labs Development of hardware & analytical tools for Aeronautical industry with focus on Rotorcrafts of all size.
Simmortel Voice Technologies Licenses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to solution providers for telecom, call centre and enterprise applications.
Simplifix Automation Nano-Positioner, Automatic Currency Validator and Indigenous Nano-Indenter, Derailment Detection Device.
Simulate Learning solutions Technology for innovative teaching/ learning
Singhal Labs is a curated marketplace for art & collectibles.
Srashta Automation Labs Generation of integrated surface and subsurface model of an area using portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Ground Penetrating Radar.
Thinking Threads Design Visual communication design, product design, interaction and user experience design etc.
Trident Analytical Caller Pay (Phone Banking Solution), Sociota (Social Media Marketing), Clever Stocks (Stock Market Predictions), Platform to provide user generated content in Hindi (Shabdanagri).
Weather Risk Management Services Equipment to monitor weather data, accurate forecasts and help you understand how these impact your business. It also provides weather index-based financial products to cover any financial losses.
Whirlybird Electronics Private Limited Primary domain: Avionics with indigenous development of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).
Whorl Engineering Solutions Offers CAD/CAM related services and also designs CNC machines.
Zion Technology Labs v
4 Front Analytics Forecasting, Marketing Intelligence Tool, Customer profitability tool, Sales & Operations Planning, Distribution and customer service.